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Client Testimonials

I had recently had reconstructive knee surgery, and it was a slow recovery. As the recovery was taking so long, and I was on crutches for an extended period of time, it was creating wear and tear on my other leg and my back and neck too. Dr. Bole recommended some herbal medicine to speed up the recovery, and also used acupressure techniques and massage to help relieve the pain I was feeling in the rest of my body too. It helped immeasurably – I wholeheartedly recommend him!

Matthew D, Gainesville, Florida

“I feel so much better! I was able to quit cigarettes… I did it! I have had no headaches or cravings. I thank God for you and your healing ways. I feel I am walking in the midst of a miracle. Thank you Dr. Bole!”   

D.T., Bellvue, Nebraska

“I had a cervical fusion in 1999 because of collapsed discs that caused severe pain. In 2004 the pain started recurring. I was on pain medications and I was looking at further extensive surgery. After three sessions with Dr. Bole the pain was completely alleviated. To my mind it was nothing short of a miracle.”

P.M., Branford, Florida

“I consulted Dr. Bole for severe, long standing low back pain which has persisted for years. The pain was worsening despite all the other therapies I tried. I saw Dr. Bole on Thursday and the pain was gone by Monday! I highly recommend him without reservation and have sent my family members to him too!”  

S.C., Gainesville, Florida

“As an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, I have been particularly impressed by the results I have received as well as those received by my patients as a result of Dr. Bole’s treatment. My high blood pressure has been resolved and I am no longer taking medications. I feel much better and find myself with more energy, which results in my being more efficient and effective. I would recommend Dr. Bole without hesitation to persons with any chronic ailment.” 

R.S., Branford, Florida